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More than ever before pressure is on corporates to not only improve their impact on the environment but in addition strengthen their reconciliation action plans.

Positive behavioural changes need to be made and that’s where StriveforZero can bridge the gap!


We see an Australia where climate change and inequality are things of the past.


To assist businesses, achieve positive outcomes in the areas of Reconciliation and Climate Change by using the knowledge gained from our own experiences with businesses that are leaders in their respective fields.

The story of Strive

A strong belief in the importance of giving back and being accountable shapes Lisa’s life.

Being able to use her passion to empower others to make a difference, Strive for Zero gives Lisa a platform to be able to do what she does best – building connections and creating mutually-beneficial partnerships that are based on empathy, honesty and trust – and ultimately, help our most vulnerable.

Lisa’s extensive background has seen her hold responsibilities in Administrative, Sales and Operations roles. A client-focussed mindset has allowed Lisa to successfully work with businesses through getting a deep understanding of their needs, while working to exceed their initial expectations.

Having owned and operated businesses, Lisa understands the opportunities, barriers and limitations that business-owners face, and how making a difference and being contributors toward change can be complex task. 

Lisa has been on purpose-driven journeys in a variety of commercial and charitable spaces, overseeing initiatives spanning environmental sustainability through to economic-empowerment for First Nations Australians. Being an active volunteer, and Treasurer, of Feeding the Homeless has given Lisa first-hand insight into the challenges of our local community. Working with businesses to help achieve their objectives is something Lisa is excited to be able to do through Strive for Zero, and its network of like-minded partners.

‘’Those affected by homelessness and mental illness are what I choose to dedicate spare time with. Things like cooking meals, providing clothes and other daily living essentials  – or even just having a chat – that’s what I’m really passionate about” says Lisa

Her approach to what she thinks makes a successful partnership is straightforward – “I admire working with people  that are humble and honest, in businesses that have a real determination for doing the right thing”. 

Lisa Valente

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